Friday, March 27, 2009

TGIF Baby!!

TGIF = Woohooo!!

Thank goodness this week is over. I've had massive headaches most of the week. Its been about 3 months since Ive had a spell like this. Unfortunately, this is about right on schedule for what I deal with headache wise.....

J was out of school this week and B had half days....both are off all next week. So do you know what THAT means??!!?? Mama Nye gets to sleep in and I don't have to get up to take B into school!! Thank God for small miracles, lol!! hehehehe....I appreciate the small things in life in case you haven't noticed. teehee

Other than that, this week has been fairly uneventful. The regular schedule with the kids and their activities. Baseball season is just around the corner, so we spent some time preparing for that. Big Papa Pually will, of course, be coaching B's 6th grade team. And this year J is doing the T-Ball!! Yay! He's been talking about it ALL year long, lol.....hes absolutely stoked to play. Hes watched B play for the last 2 years and was beside himself when he found out that this year he could play too. :) However, for us that means very little time for the Nye5 at home! 2 kids playing = practice twice weekly for both kids, PLUS the games.....Im sure with my luck each will be offest on their days, so we'll likely have to be somewhere every day for one of their team requirements, from now 'till June Im going to be a busy momma! Living the "soccer" mom lifestyle, in the life of baseball rather than soccer! Baseball mom lifestyle, here I come! Im just excited for the boys. :) They love this time of does big Papa Pually. :) Hes a big kid at heart - so this time of year is when he shines the most. :)

Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend! Ill try to post something between now and the end of the weekend if I can.....thanks to those who follow our somewhat boring blog, lol!! We're just your everyday, family of 5 with not a whole lot going on, teehee!!

The Nye5

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