Sunday, June 14, 2009

Masey Man is 2!!!

And now onto the happy things in life that dont involve lies and deceit!!

Mason Michael Nye is 2!!

I cannot BELIEVE its been 2 years since I had my 3rd baby boy....actually, he turned 2 on Monday, June 8th.....and Im just now able to sit down for more than 5 minutes at a time to post about it, lol!! Thats what happens when you have a 2 year old!! :) Hes such a stud - talks ALL the time, sometimes incesintly! And smart?! I tell ya....the kid does things that suprise us every day - things you wouldn't think a 2 year old could do alone! Takes apart computers, helps daddy work on the car, uses his vacuum to help mama vacuum the house.....just an all around joy to have! We had a nice little celebration at home Monday night.....a few friends over for 'sgetti (Mases favy dinner!!) and cake - he played until he could barely move at the park with his big brothers and some of our friends' kids, in fact I think he slept in wicked late Tuesday morning after a busy day of playing as the birthday boy!!



Lies, deceipt and disgust....

.....some of you know I have a select few blogs I follow on a daily basis - those are referenced to the right of each of my posts, with links anyone can click on to view. Recently, I found that the "April Rose" blog that I have followed for months now, was a blog filled with lies. Lies about a non-existent baby with Trisomy 13.....a Christian woman who was unmarried and pregnant, carving her path once again with the Lord as she looked for forgiveness for being pregnant and unmarried. She blogged her struggles with the Christian community being unwilling to accept her with her circumstances, she solicited prayers and support falsely through a community of readers and "friends" that were %110 willing to give it.

To those who I asked for prayers and support, I both thank you and apologize. I feel like Ive been duped, taken advantage of and naive all in the same respect. Ive included this woman and her fictional child in my nightly prayers for quite some time now. Ive emailed her on countless occasions offering support and a "shoulder" to cry or lean on via the virtual world online......its sickening to think that one person could lie about something so emotional.....and touch many people who are struggling with such a thing truly in their own lives. Sick....just sick. Nonetheless, my apologies to the few readers I have specific to my blog - I am naive and did not mean to spread my naivity to you all.....

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Nothing new to post - still here - still surviving. :) Ill have more to post soon Im sure. Tonight, however, I am in search of my Labs that have been missing since last night when the kids didn't latch the gate properly. We are a wreck. We've done nothing but search for them today, make signs, call the shelters, call vets and plain just worry. Pray they return safely - the Nye5 is a somber house right now.