Saturday, March 14, 2009

Aaaaaah the weekend FINALLY!

What a week....what a week! Thank goodness for weekends! Its been a fairly boring week for the Nye5. Papa Nye has been ill all week with an upper respiratory infection, a lovely cough, fever and sore throat. Thankfully he is getting over it! Hes miserable when hes sick, which in turn makes for a unhappy Nye house, lol. Unfortunately when hes sick, hes a wee-bit tough to deal with. So we welcome a good and better feeling Big Papa Pually!!

Otherwise, its been uneventful and quiet. :) I love uneventful and quiet. :) The kids plowed through the week in school, like champs as always! I did have B's parent-teacher conference. Man, I have to tell you.....(and I biased of course) hes a stud! Straight A's across the board!! *hi 5 B-man!* His teacher said hes a big helper in class, always willing to help others, does a good job reminding her of what needs to happen and is never lacking in the participation department. She said hes an awesome kid and has loved having him in her class! She said our conference is one she looks forward to because she doesn't have mill over any bad habits or discuss "issues"....hehe. Ours is always pleasant with lots of positive and happy words for the B!

Speaking of B....his sperm donor.....errr, father has been keeping up his end of the deal thus far. He calls B on his Tues, Thurs schedule each week and texts him in between. So far B has been very receptive to the interactions they've been having and hasn't asked too many questions - though I do welcome any and all questions he may have in the future. I asked B's father what hes going to say to B when B asks where hes been the last 12 years. His only answer was that he didn't have an answer, says that if/when he does ask he'll have to explain that hes a jerk and that essentially its all his own fault for not having been around.Its true - but he and I will have to work on the verbiage, lol. We'll need to make a little more 'B' friendly, lol.

Anywhoooooo.....hope ya'll had a nice and uneventful week and a nice, relaxing weekend! I am hoping the rain goes away so I can go horseback riding!! weeeeeeeeeeeee! One of my all time favorite things to do!! Talk to ya'll later!!


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