Saturday, February 28, 2009

Well today was THE big day.....ugh. Fortunately it went ok. Paul and I met with B's dad for lunch to do our "discussions". He seemed very receptive to my comments, concerns and suggestions....thankfully. We agreed on most or all of the things I implemented and set forth. Hes going to start to call B and set up nights where they can just sit and talk. Then when B is comfortable we'll invite him down to the house so they can hang here.....we'll have several supervised visits before I let him take B for a few hours away from the house....we're basically going to let B coach us through this on how comfortable he feels with everything that is happening. The one thing I truly didnt think he'd agree to, was B calling him by his first name rather than dad.....Paul is daddy and I didnt want it to confuse him. B's dad whole-heartedly (or pretended very well, lol) agreed that it was ok to do that and that he supported us in all that. So the ground work is layed out - I guess we'll wait and see how it all goes. My hopes are that he has grown up enough over the last 10 years since he last saw B and can realize and accept the responsibilities of being a parent, something he has nothing to do with for the last 10 or so years. Paul and I forsee him being a "friend" to B, rather than a parent. I fully believe that while he is 34 years old, hes more 18 in the head....he'll come across to B as a buddy, not a father. But we'll see - I could be wrong and this would be one of those times where Id love to be wrong!! Normally I despise being wrong, lol....however, this would be one of those times where Id be ok being wrong, teehee. :)

So all in all, my stomach was in knots and the butterflies had krept into my throat and still I handled myself well I think. Paul agreed that it went well for what it was.....but, Ill wait to see how it goes, the ball is basically in his court now.

So theres the update! If you've read this far, lol - thanks!! :)

The Nye5

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  1. First step down...whew! Good job! Remember that God hears your prayers and knows your heart. This is just the beginning of turning your children over to his capable care.(B. is a pre-teen you know:-o)

    I understand how you feel. We are Mothers. "Orchestrators" by nature we herd our brood and direct them and take our task very seriously. It's very disconcerting to have and unknown element thrown in to path that we have so carefully created.

    All these words just say that I feel your ache, understand the dilemma and am here for you if you need another shoulder. Your Daddy is pretty good at this stuff;)

    Love You All!