Saturday, April 25, 2009

Please pray

As some of you know, I follow a blog from a family Ive never met, and likely never will. Their blog is about their sweet, little daughter - KayleighAnne Freeman who has struggled and clung to life since her first I had a chance to catch up on the past few days, only to find that Kayleigh has taken a turn for the worst. Please take a moment and click on the button to your right, and read through their recent trials with Kayleigh's health. Unfortunately, the outcome is not looking good at all. In fact, it sounds as though she will not return to a healthy parent should have to go through as much as the Freemans have, but as we all know God does not give us too much to handle at once. That being said, when you say your prayers tonight or while you're in church tomorrow, please say a prayer for Kayleigh. Ask for strength and health. Ask the Lord to help her parents make it through this time right now - ask for Him to give them strength as they face the possibility of making the worst decision in the world - to have to lose their daughter in the earthly form and allow God to take her home. I sit here and sob to myself as my heart aches from them, just aches as I know they are in the most pain a parent can feel. Please, please pray for them and for sweet, little miss KayleighAnne Freeman....she truly is a miracle from God.

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  1. I couldn't believe this when I saw it also...I pray for a miracle...A healing...for Gods will to be done...even though it may not be what we all want. I pray for a sense of peace and healing for Adam and Aimee.